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Government outlines changes to EU retained law

After a long wait, the government has finally released its responses to consultations on reforms to retained EU laws and the calculation of annual leave entitlement for part year and irregular hours workers.


This article focuses on changes to EU retained law.   Please refer to  this page for changes to  annual leave pay and other provisions.


Record keeping

An ECJ judgment had said that employers must keep records of daily working time. Where this is concerned, the Working Time Regulations only require records of weekly working time. The law will be clarified to overturn the effect of the ECJ decision so that only records of weekly working time are needed. In practice, this will have little impact to employers, as very few kept these records.



Small organisations (fewer than 50 employees) involved in a TUPE transfer of any size, and organisations of any size doing a transfer of fewer than 10 employees will be able to consult directly with employees, where there are no existing worker representatives, instead of having to elect representatives. Should they choose to, electing representatives will remain an option. Where representatives are already in place, direct consultation will not apply. 

If you have any questions about these changes, please contact me.  

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