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How can an HR consultant help?
Working Together

Employing staff can increase productivity and income generation, as well as developing new skills and expertise to grow the organisation. 


However, there are times when you need more specialised advice to support you in managing your employees.  Perhaps they have frequent absences, poor timekeeping or their behaviour is just not in line with your organisational culture or expectations. 

Managing difficult employment situations takes time and energy from managers, and if situations are not handled in the right way, there is a risk that the employee will take legal action, via an Employment Tribunal. 


Employment law is a complex field and requires the employer to take fair and reasonable steps in managing individuals.  By seeking professional, practical advice you can significantly reduce any risk to your organisation. 

Through providing advice and guidance I will help mangers deal with difficult situations by clarifying legal expectations and being clear on what you should (and shouldn't ) do and how to handle situations. 


I  can support all people management issues and am able to offer strategies to support the organisation in moving forward. 

At an organisational level, as employer with robust, fair HR procedures and policies in place, this will develop employee relations and reduce any workplace issues. 

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