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Employment policies and other documents
Contract Review

As an employer you will need to adhere to your legal obligations to those who you engage to work for you.  You’ll need to pay the national minimum wage, have a statement of terms of conditions in place from day one, and ensure that you pay sick pay and holiday pay.


By establishing client needs through an initial consultation we can agree an HR service that meets your needs, based on the size of your organisation and the sector you operate in. 


By having clear policies and procedures in place you set your expectations, outline how your employees should conduct themselves and demonstrate that you take your responsibilities as an employer seriously.


Support and services I can provide to ensure you meet your legal obligations include:

  • Full audit of employment policies and practices.

  • Employment contract templates (for each type of employee/worker).

  • Producing essential HR policies (e.g. Sickness Absence policy, Disciplinary and Grievance procedures, Family leave policies, Flexible working policy).

  • Producing an Employee Handbook – the document that outlines your culture, expectations and crucial in communicating with employees.

  • Review existing contracts of employment, policies and the Employee Handbook.

  • Developing or improving policies, procedures and HR administration.

  • Recruitment support, from devising the application form, example questions and selection tasks.


I offer a free consultation to discuss your needs, what support you may need and how professional HR expertise can benefit your organisation. 

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