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Checklist for making reasonable adjustments for mental health in the workplace

To support the recently published Acas guidance on reasonable adjustments for mental health in the workplace please see the link below to a downloadable checklist to support making reasonable adjustments for employees who report mental health issues.

Each case will be different, but this checklist provides some practical ways that may be of assistance to employers.

Checklist for making mental health reasonable adjustments2
Download PDF • 108KB

Acas guidance

The Acas guide provides a number of examples of reasonable adjustments, depending on the individuals needs and the size and resources of the company. The broadly fall into the following categories:

  • changes to someone's physical working environment

  • changes to someone's working arrangements

  • finding a different way to do something

  • adapting the way policies are applied

  • providing equipment, services or support

Managing employees with reasonable adjustments

Acas also offers guidance to employers in managing employees with reasonable adjustments for mental health, in recognition of the fact many line managers may not feel comfortable addressing this. They might not know what to say, find it difficult to see how the condition is affecting the employee, or do not know what their obligations are. However, managers play a crucial role in the success or failure of reasonable adjustments due to their close relationship with their direct reports.

Employers should line managers in supporting employees. This should be on the need to be flexible and provide ongoing support, and not expect improvements immediately or consistently, as mental health conditions can fluctuate in their severity. The manager will need to open to trying different approaches until something is found that works for everyone. Regular check-ins are a good way to do this.

Seeking external support should also be encouraged, where appropriate. If the employer has an employee assistance programme, then counselling and guidance may be available through that. An occupational health review could also help identify reasonable adjustments. There may also be charities and other organisations that are able to assist in helping this employee to stay in work.

Links to further information are here:

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