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Happy Office Workers

As an outsourced HR consultant I can offer bespoke HR support, tailored to your business, the sector you operate in and the size of your workforce. 


This could be to support you with a particular issue, or a one-off project.  It might also be to be your ‘in-house’ HR expert, who you can call on when you need advice.


Regardless of sector and size of organisation, an outstanding HR function is key to success. HR can be complex and challenging, both in terms of developing an effective centralised service and in dealing with unique issues that can arise for an employer.


Without reliable HR support, employers are at risk from failing to recruit and retain key staff, as well as litigation for a failure to follow Employment Law. 

The right approach to HR really does pay – from healthy employment relations, more motivated (and productive) employees, to helping you to avoid complex and costly situations, an outstanding HR function is an investment that will pay dividends for your organisation.


​With over 15 years’ experience as an HR professional, I can offer solutions to a range of employee relations and people management issues.  


My aim is provide you with an outstanding service to ensure you can focus on achieving your organisational objectives.

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